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A Letter From Isabel

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

My name is Isabel Joie Madden. Translated that means "Pledged to God, joy, hound/dog". I think my name does a pretty good job describing who I am which is why I am changing my artist name from “isabelmaddenmusic” to “imisabeljoie”. I am not sure about the "dog" part of my name, but I sure do like to sit with a good friend and "howl" it out or sing. I like to sing. Anyways, I should probably stop that analogy.

Let’s focus more on the first part of my name: joy that points back to a relationship with God. This is what I hope to share through my music! To make a gigantic understatement, the world is going through a hard time now, and we all could use a little joy. We are suffering, we are being forced to question the way we live, and we are seeing many deaths...

Through this time, we can choose to be run by fear or joy (which is different from happiness). The songs and content I will be sharing during this time will not disregard fear, but will instead face it with joy. Let's talk about our fears, let's cry, let's mourn, but let's also give praise to God and ask that all of this would build patience (James 1:2-3, New King James Version).

I feel like going by my first and middle name "Isabel Joie" better represents me and what I want to do as a Singer/Songwriter. I hope you all can find your own ways to share joy through this time, and I would love for you to come along with me as I create the songs for my first EP - "Your Way". Hopefully, my songs will bring you a little peace in the crazy moments, point you back to God, and make you want to dance and “howl” along! Okay. I’ll stop.

Buy guys! ’Til next time!

- Isabel Joie

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