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Sneak Peek...Next Song Release

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

WOW guys!


1. YEAR.

I do not think I can humanly express how grateful I am to you guys and God for all that was able to happen in the span of just one year despite a literal world shutdown!

Performing my Senior program in-person with a live band, funding and recording a single and my first album "Your Way" (during quarantine no less), hosting an outside release concert, starting a new job...

I am kind of happy dancing in my chair while writing this! :) While I am elated to see the music side of my life picking up speed, nothing compares to the testimonies I have heard through people's lives around me. God has been and still is moving, bringing people to Him!

Since my last release, I have taken some time to pray about what I should do next with my music and career. And honestly, I am still taking time to do so, but I wanted to share what I am currently working on with you because I want you to be a part of my journey!


Here we go...


If you missed my last email, I have now uploaded the lyrics for all the "Your Way" songs onto my website for you to use as you please or sing along with the songs. Just click on the "Music" tab!


(No, not that B.T.S. But I think this is cool too! )

I was able to dig up some videos from the studio days for "Your Way" and am currently making a little video for you guys for you to have at least a small inside look at the recording process! More details to come soon. :)

And lastly, but one thing I'm most certainly excited about...


I have worked with some friends from Liberty University again to record a single coming APRIL 13th (1 week from now)!

If you'd like to be notified when you can pre-save the song, please send me your email at the end of this post!

(Pre-saving/saving gives my music a better chance to get on playlists and reach more people with the joy of the Lord. So thank you in advance!)

I am looking forward to you hearing this new, more pop-style release featuring my good friend and Jazz Guitarist Caleb Michael Gordon (mixed by my friend Alory)!

(Screenshots of cover design work by Laura Ruiz)

Do you think you can guess a title based on the cover design drafts?!

Take a shot and DM me or type your guess in the comments.

If you get it right, you'll get a virtual hug and maybe a free t-shirt! (I still have some left). :)


Thanks again for taking an interest in my music! To be notified of more updates like this, freebies, or events, you can send me your email below!

God bless,

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